Requirements for Formation and Registration of a Private Limited Company in Taiwan

Registered Taiwan Company conditions



    There is no capital limit for foreign companies. A limited company can be set-up with One (1) Taiwan Dollar. Nonetheless, the amount of capital should not be less than 500,00 Taiwan Dollars if the company needs to apply for a foreign manager’s work permit, and the foreign capital must account for more than one-third of the whole capital.


    A foreign-owned company must have an actual office address or rent an actual premises to gain investment approval.


    Investors need to submit proof of their identity which shall be authenticated or certified by Taiwan Economic and Culture Office.

    Investors from Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Asia need to provide the following additional documents: a) proof of education; b) proof of work experience related to the investment content; and c) proof of financial resources.


    The accomplished Investment Application Form and all documentary requirements shall be submitted to Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) which shall review the details of the foreign investors and source and amount of foreign investment into the company.


    A company representative shall go to Taiwan for purposes of opening the company’s bank or capital account since all banks in Taiwan require a meeting in person and conduct strict inspections when opening accounts. Once the capital is deposited, the bank will issue a certificate of deposit which shall be submitted to MOEA to secure capital remittance approval necessary to proceed to with the incorporation process.

Preparing Files

Preparing Files:

Investor ID card (such as: ID card, passport, subject to the account where the notary public notary)
Taiwan company lease contract, housing tax invoice (available by the Division)
Taiwan company directors resume and family members background (available by the Division)
Taiwan company name, operating products, registered capital (minimum requirements of NT $ 100,000)
Taiwan company director 2 inch color photo 3 and proof of identity copy (such as: ID card, passport)

Registered Taiwan Company Information required:

To use the name of the company, please provide two to three to be used in Chinese name;
The identity document of the certified shareholder (the identity document of the investor, such as the passport or the certificate of incorporation, shall be certified by the representative office of the resident place of the investor in Taiwan);
A copy of the identity document and proof of address of the director;
Company registered address;
The registered capital of the company;
The scope of business scope: service enterprises special industry: real estate advertising, not to operate.

The establishment of Taiwan responsibility limited liability company's corporate structure:

At least one shareholder, one director and one legal representative;
Shareholders may be held by corporate bodies or natural persons. There is no restriction on the nationality of the shareholders;
Shareholders may serve as directors;
The legal representative shall have no nationality restrictions and may be concurrently appointed by the directors;
The least paid and paid capital is NT $ 1;
The company's registered address must be located in Taiwan;

Company setting up:

Company Policy
Shareholders, directors information
Company seal (an official seal, a private chapter)

  • -After the approval of the name of the shareholders to go to Taiwan to open a bank verification account, funds need to pay, travel costs about $5000-6000;
  • -Shareholders must be in their own account location notary personal identity information;
  • -Business scope: In addition to real estate, advertising media, financial management, the other can be.
  • How to get started

    Fill in the Taiwan company to set up the form and register the Taiwan company power of attorney, e-mail or fax to ACCOLADE Hong Kong headquarters or domestic office to start.