Trademark Registration Fee

Location1st Class Fee (HKD)Extra Class Fee (HKD)Search Fee (HKD)POA Fee (HKD)Processing Time (months)Validity (year)Region
China20002000FreeN/A9 to 1210Asia
Hong Kong25001500FreeN/A6 to 810Asia
Macau28002800Free15006 to 87Asia
Taiwan45003500FreeN/A6 to 810Asia
Japan95007500FreeN/A8 to 1210Asia
South Korea68006800FreeN/A15 to 1810Asia
Singapore40004000FreeN/A6 to 810Asia
Malaysia68006800FreeN/A10 to 1210Asia
Brunei58004800FreeN/A9 to 1210Asia
Philippines45004000FreeN/A3 to 610Asia
India60006000FreeN/A6 to 1010Asia
Thailand95008500Free150010 to 1210Asia
Indonesia68004500FreeN/A12 to 1810Asia
Vietnam55003500FreeN/A21 to 3610Asia
Cambodia60003500Free15009 to 1210Asia
Laos68006500FreeN/A10 to 1210Asia
US65004500FreeN/A14 to 1610North America
Canada92002500FreeN/A15 to 2410North America
European Union (EU)115001000FreeN/A6 to 810Europe
United Kingdom (UK)55004500FreeN/A4 to 810Europe
Turkey88007800FreeN/A6 to 810Europe
France78002800FreeN/A6 to 1010Europe
Germany98003000FreeN/A6 to 1210Europe
Switzerland115003500FreeN/A3 to 610Europe
Italy78001800FreeN/A8 to 1510Europe
Brazil1280010800FreeN/A12 to 1810South America
Colombia85005800FreeN/A6 to 1210South America
Peru68006800FreeN/A5 to 810South America
Chile100006000FreeN/A4 to 1210South America
Mexico85008000FreeN/A6 to 810North America
Argentina88008000Free250012 to 1410South America
Australia40004000FreeN/A6 to 1010Oceania
New Zealand35002500FreeN/A6 to 1010Oceania
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 3200032000250015003 to 510Middle East
Kuwait1680015800180028008 to 1010Middle East
Qatar1980018800300028008 to 1010Middle East
Saudi Arabia2980028800350028005 to 810Middle East
Oman1380012800230015006 to 1510Middle East
Israel1280011800FreeN/A9 to 1410Middle East
South Africa68006000FreeN/A20 to 3610Africa
Egypt55005500Free450018 to 2410Africa