Trademark Watch

Trademark Watch

Watching service is an essential part of an effective trademark maintenance and enforcement program. ACCOLADE trademark watch service is designed to alert subscribers to potentially conflicting trademarks which are identical or confusingly similar, and is given an opportunity to prevent or cancel said registration throughout the world.

Below are the types of Trademark watching service that we provide: (Not include image device)

 Hong Kong
(Annual Fee in HKD)
Hong Kong& Mainland
(Annual Fee in HKD)
(Annual Fee in HKD)
Global (note: over 135 jurisdictions, excluding device mark)$3,000$3,500$4,500

*Deliver Monthly Trademark monitoring reports

Significant advantages of this service include

01.Timely reports

We deliver timely and accurate reports which provide you with all of the necessary data and tools to act against the potentially objectionable reported marks.

02.Professional vetting services

We review the automated results to ensure that you receive the results which will be relevant to your protected brands.

03.Multi-language supported

Whether in Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese or Japanese, coverage includes translations and transliterations of non-Latin character marks and the associated goods and services.

04.Cost effective

We do not charge by the classes watched

ACCOLADE provides customized and effective trademark watch strategies for protecting your brands at reasonable prices. Your trademarks are your reputation and your source of revenue. ACCOLADE has developed proven methods to allow you to safeguard the goodwill you have developed in the marketplace through your intangible assets.

A design refers to the new or original features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament that are applied to an article. A design must be distinctive and give an article a unique appearance. A registered design protects the visible features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article, by any industrial process, which appeal to the eye.