China Company formation fee schedule

Mainland China Incorporation
Service ItemCN N1CN N2
Co. TypeWOFEForeign representative Office
working days55 days20 days
Authorized Capital
Company Name SearchYesYes
Certificate of Incorporation (CI)YesYes
Business Registration License (BR)N/AN/A
Memorandum and Articles of Association(set)
Legal requirements
Company secretarial services (Basic Plan) /
Local Company Registered Agents
1 year1 year
Company Registered Office AddressNot includedNot included
Local Director
Company Document
Company Kit / Green Box11
Statutory record book11
Share certificates11
Common seal11
Government Fee - Certificate of Incorporation (CI) (Included)IncludedIncluded
Government Fee - Business Registration License (BR)(Included)N/AN/A
Price (HK$)
Promotion Price (HK$)20,00020,000