China Business Search Services

Business Search

Business Registration Report

Registration InformationShare Capital1 working dayHKD 400
Key Personnel (including legal representatives, directors)Shareholding

Business Profile Report

Registration InformationShare Capital3 working daysHKD 1,000
Changes of Registration InformationShareholding
Business NatureKey Personnel
(including legal representatives, directors)
Contact InformationOrganization Members (branch)
Civil Litigation

Business Credit report

Registration InformationShare Capital5 working daysHKD 1,500
Changes of Registration InformationShareholding
Contact InformationKey Personnel (including legal representatives, directors)
Civil LitigationBusiness situation (nature, market, suppliers and customers)
Criminal recordsOrganization member (branch)
Winding up recordsCredit Rating
Qualifications, certificates and licenses
Financial information
Bank information

Legal Search

Civil Litigation Search

Civil Litigation 2 working daysHKD 500

Criminal records Search

Criminal records 2 working daysHKD 500

Winding up Petition Search (Enterprises Only)

Winding up records 2 working daysHKD 500

Full Legal Search

Civil LitigationCriminal records3 working daysHKD 1,200
Winding up records

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Importance Notes:
- Record number:Every item contains maximum latest 100 records only (e.g. civil litigation / branches /IP). Additional charge & working days required subject to quote for additional records.
- Period of coverage:Latest 7 years for Hong Kong region ; latest 15 years for China region. Periods of coverage are subject to quote for oversea region.