IP Management

IP Ownership

Accolade offers a full spectrum of services in trademark, copyright, industrial design, utility model, and patent registration, such as but not limited to, the conduct of availability searches, filing and processing of applications, filing of assignments and renewals, handling of oppositions and cancellation proceedings, and monitoring and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

We provide global brand management advice and conduct intellectual property audits to ascertain which rights require protection and advise on the status of protection of a company's intellectual property. To achieve these, we provide a wide range of commercial services connected with intellectual property, including the preparation of licensing agreements for trademarks, copyrights, patents, registered designs and know-how, manufacturing and distribution agreements, franchise agreements, confidentiality agreements, and technology transfer agreements.


Brand Building

Accolade has been consistently providing its clients with professional business brand building and brand recognition planning services, including the provision of visual design and brand building strategy in our efforts to create more value on the brand of our clients. We intend to continue providing more of this service to our clients.

IP Strategies

We form a close relationship with our clients to determine their technical and business needs and analyze how such needs are best served by the various forms of intellectual property protection.

We value our clients’ time and act immediately to prepare and urgently file the required patent, design, or trademark applications. We maintain longstanding involvement with our clients, from inception to the completion of a particular task for which are services are engaged.

Our attorneys offer a flexible and proactive approach to ensure that our clients are fully informed of the relevant possibilities with respect to protecting their intellectual property rights. In this regard, we take into consideration existing and relevant commercial constraints in rendering our services and fairly apprise our clients of such constraints, if any.

Our experience in developing the appropriate intellectual property strategies for our clients goes well beyond the usual preparation and filing of the relevant applications. It extends to enforcement and licensing strategies which ultimately aim to maximize the leverage and return that our clients can derive from their intangible assets and intellectual property rights.