Taiwan Company formation fee schedule

Taiwan Incorporation
Service ItemTW N1TW N2TW N2
Co. TypeLimited Liability CompanyBranch OfficeRepresentative Office
working days
Authorized Capital TWD 300000TWD 300000TWD 300000
Company Name SearchYesYesYes
Certificate of Incorporation (CI)YesYesYes
Business Registration License (BR)N/AN/AN/A
Memorandum and Articles of Association(set)111
Legal requirements
Company secretarial services (Basic Plan) /
Local Company Registered Agents
Company Registered Office Address
Local DirectorN/AN/AN/A
Company Document
Company Kit / Green Box111
Statutory record book111
Share certificates111
Common seal111
Government Fee - Certificate of Incorporation (CI) (Included)
Government Fee - Business Registration License (BR)(Included)IncludedIncludedIncluded
Price (HK$)
Promotion Price (HK$)24,00024,00020,000