Company Incorporation Taiwan


Taiwan company formation and bank account opening are very simple and convenient. It is required to file VAT return every 2 months and profit tax return by the end of May every year. It takes about 1 month for tailor-made incorporation. Information of director is accessible publicly after incorporation. If you don’t wish your personal information to be disclosed, we also provide nominee director and shareholder services for the demand of your anonymity. Our firm is proudly recognized as an approved qualified professional intermediary with major banks, we are able to assist our clients in establishing business bank accounts at international and local banks. After opening the bank account, you can start doing the business by using your Taiwan company.

Advantages of Taiwan Company


Minimum number of director and shareholder is one who can be natural person or corporate body. They can be of any nationality and no need to reside in Taiwan. If the director is a corporate body, it is required to appoint a representative.


Required to appoint an investment agent who must be Taiwan resident.


Information of director and shareholder is accessible publicly. Your anonymity requirement can still be preserved by using our nominee services.


The tax rate of Taiwan Limited Company is only 17%.


Required to prepare the accounts, but the accounts are not accessible publicly.


Required to audit the accounts of the company which its paid in or working capital exceeds NTD 30 million.


It takes about 1 month for Taiwan company formation.


Stable jurisdiction